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An irreverent writer and outspoken critic. A rapper turned working class media guru. Oz and D. Randle…two Houston creatives linked up at a comic convention, had stuff in common and joined forces. Opinions While Black is the result. Now, the duo gets together each week, pour some drinks and riff on the latest comings and goings in the world. OWB is meant to be a black ass happy hour vibe you can take with you on your commute or help get you through your work shift. It’s rarely sober, it’s always savage…and sometimes, you even learn something new. 

Oz Longworth

Oz Longworth


Oz is a staff writer for Black Nerd Problems, writer/co-creator of the webcomic Neverland: The Untold and three time thumb war champion of the universe. He is known in polite circles as The Boss of You and ensures the survival of John Connor in his off time.

D. Randle

D. Randle


D Randle is a jack of all trades, master of some. He once toured the world delivering underground hip hop to the dozens and dozens of fans who were into it. These days, he’s creating pretty moving pictures and destroying his liver while podcasting. 

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Opinions While Black: Episode 243- “Seven Point Nine”


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